Brand Building, Business Building

Because long-term business success comes when people buy into your brand or because the two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive


Fresh Ideas and Time-Tested Expertise

We combine human insights with data for a holistic view of your target, brand and business.  In a world of infinite media choices, identifying where to go next is critical for accelerated growth and we tap into Horizon Media proprietary tools to help identify plan considerations.  And our strategy teams then design plans that combine foundational media with learning lab priorities. 


Next Generation Analytics

With a suite of best-in-class analytics tools built for optimization across channels, within channels, and timeframes, we believe that the best optimizations arise when data meets human understanding. From econometric modeling and advanced attribution tools, to holistic dashboarding, and brand health benchmarking, we balance brand and business metrics to drive growth.


Navigating DR & Traditional Marketplaces

With $8B in overall market insight, we have a unique lens on the direct response & traditional media marketplace.  Our belief is that scale, brand customization, and innovation should drive buy decisions.


Robust Capabilities

We break down silo's. Integration in every facet of our business makes us smarter, nimbler, and fresher.